When I started in 2016, I was the “learned” teacher and they were the “ignorant” students. Within one and half year I realized that I was the “ignorant” student and they were the “learned” teachers. Over time this realization further metamorphosed and today I believe that in a class there are no teachers and no students. In any meaningful education setup there are only two kinds of people – curious minds willing to learn and others.

As I (who the world calls as teacher) traversed my learning journey with my fellow learners (whom the world calls as students), I reached the following magic formula that transformed my essence:

Education/Learning = Independent Thinking + Empathy

Today, DreamNobel stands on the foundation of this formula. In simple words, DreamNobel is an education initiative to engage in a way that “independent thinking” and ‘empathy” becomes an integral part of an individual’s personality.