DreamNobel is an education initiative to teach Science subjects to kids in a way that original & independent thinking and empathy becomes an integral part of their personality. We have developed a unique and revolutionary course whereby a kid can be taught broadly all the Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Geology) that she will learn during her entire schooling life, through a unique story and rationalization led pedagogy.

Children typically learn various scientific concepts as part of the various subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology) that they cover in their schooling life. This curriculum exposes them in detail to the objective definition of scientific theories and the mathematical underpinnings of these theories to explain the world. However, to grasp the complete applicability of these scientific notions few more things are required to be learnt:

  • Origin of various scientific theories: Invariably a number of scientific theories that we believe in today were not the accepted ones for a long time for rational reasons. It took a lot of effort and time for human intelligence to transcend the accepted wisdom and create better understandings – but we still don’t have perfect understandings. This is the reason why scientific theories are continuously evolving. Nobel laureate Richard Feynman once said, “Human knowledge is an expanding frontier of ignorance”. The 1Question-1Answer model followed by our education system doesn’t allow our kids to appreciate this element of approximation in scientific theories and thus their evolutionary nature. The end point is that our kids get stuck to approximate concepts as realities of nature thereby harming their inherent curious streak and quality of learning. This problem can only be solved by getting familiar with the history of Science while learning Science itself.
  • Interconnections between subjects: The ultimate aim of Science is to make sense of this world as a whole and not of its parts. Children need to see the interconnection between subjects so that they can apply them without boundaries because problems of life don’t belong to any subject. This can only happen if kids can be provided a single framework in which all subjects are encapsulated.

Thus, applying scientific theories to real life problems requires a serious appreciation of the complete context in which those theories were laid out along with their deficiencies. Application of Science evolved at the interfaces of subjects and not inside the subjects.

Given above, our kids pass exams with flying colors but have no appreciation of what they have learnt. They stop questioning and the end result is that we don’t produce kids who can produce new things/thoughts. It’s no surprise therefore that since 1901, when the Nobel Prizes were first given, there is only one Indian (living in India) Dr. C.V. Raman who got a Nobel in Science – after all Nobel Prizes represent the pinnacle of original thinking. It’s painful…it’s shameful.

We want to correct this.

We teach Science subjects to kids aged typically 10 years and above. We call our model of teaching QueST. We believe QueST approach can make Science an interesting subject for kids and can convert our kids into “original & independent” thinkers. We sincerely hope and pray that some of these “original & independent” thinkers will some day will Nobel prize. We know it’s a lofty goal but attempting it is worth it. It’s a ‘Noble Dream’…its dream of a ‘Nobel’.

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