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A mathematics class was going on and the teacher was teaching kids the concept of division. To do that the teacher asked the kids a question – If there are 5 oranges and 2 kids how many oranges each kid will get and are there any oranges left behind? The kids took some time to work through but finally they were able to get to the answer that every kid will get two oranges and 1 orange will be left behind. The teacher asked few more questions of similar variety in an order to impress upon the kids that division is a mathematical process of splitting a group of thing into small groups of equal size. All the kids, except one, got the concept and had no doubts. This kid asked his teacher – What happens if there are no oranges and no kids. Well I don’t know what happened after that – in all probability the question would have been laughed at. But it took genius of people like Newton and Leibniz to answer what happens when the denominator of a number reaches or tends towards zero. With that answer a new branch of mathematics known as Calculus was born. Coming to the kid who apparently asked this question – do you know who that kid was? He was the great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

This is what we do. We believe in the principle of teaching kids by letting them ask lots of questions. We either answer these question or let them know our ignorance but we don’t laugh at them. Our goal is to make them reach the answers by inciting their curiosity further. The path to greatness starts with a simple query. We believe in this maxim and follow it completely.

We teach Science subjects to kids aged typically between 8 and 12 years. We call our model of teaching QueST. We believe QueST approach can make Science an interesting subject for kids and hopefully propel this country into a country of Nobel laureates by dozens. We know it’s a lofty goal but attempting it is worth it. It’s a ‘Noble Dream’…its dream of a ‘Nobel’.

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