Qu is an eight year old kid. She is extremely curious about the world around her. It is said that when she was in her mother’s womb, her mother got hooked onto reading Encyclopedia Britannica. Since Qu’s mother was a not a science student in her schooling and college days the book left her with a lot of questions. Unfortunately for her there was no one to answer her queries but fortunately for Qu it endowed her with curiosity that was as integral part of her nature as heat is a part of fire’s nature. Maybe the story of Abhimanyu and his learning the art of breaking the Chakravyuh in his mother’s womb is correct after all. There are lot of stories of how Qu has confused her teachers, parents, friends, elders etc. with her fundamental questions which has sometimes added to laughter but more often than not made people swallow their ignorance with a lot of difficulty. For that she has been punished / scolded / reprimanded ample number of times but then as you cannot make Abhimanyu forget the art of breaking Chakravyun you can’t stop Qu from questioning. It reached such a level that people nicknamed her Qu (Hindi word for ‘Why’) and that’s what everyone calls her now. But Qu was lucky, unlike lot of our kids, she got a teacher in Mr. Qki (Hindi word for ‘Because’) who not only encouraged her to ask questions but also made her enjoy the process of learning and finding answers.



Qki is a teacher who loves understanding the fascinating world created by God. He believes that knowledge is one and this whole splitting it into Physics, Chemistry, Geography, etc. is wrong as it makes kids see the world through different lenses and not appreciate its beauty. He also believes that asking questions is a habit that should be encouraged in every kid. He keeps on saying the following statement to all the parents, whom he meets, with the hope that they will not let their kid lose their curiosity at the altars of our society which has a very narrow view of education:

“The word ‘Answer’ shares three letters with word ‘Education’ while the word ‘Question’ shares five letters with word ‘Education’. Doesn’t that tell you something? The best way to learn does not lie in finding more answers but in asking more questions. This is because if you are curious, if your mind asks questions then the answers will not be far off. The journey of finding the answers will go over so many unexplored terrains that the adventure will be worth it.”

Qki loves sleeping and loves dreaming and believes the best thing that can be done to anyone is to give them the power to dream. He always says:

“Don’t give poor food or money, but give them dreams. If they have dreams they will get all that you are offering.”

For this reason he loved the movie ‘Tare Zameen Par’ and wishes more directors can make movies like this. We don’t have to spend tons of money to make movies that explore the dark side of human nature. That always existed and will always exist. By showing it in all its cinematic glory we don’t help eliminate it. Instead if we make positive movies (even if they are slightly unreal) it can make people attempt a new path. Every new person making a new beginning is a path towards ultimately eliminating the same dark underbelly of our society.