Que – Questions

This world is full of kids getting fascinated by various wonders of Science…so we have a kid whose mind is fascinated by butterflies and other whose mind is fascinated by cars and yet another who is interested in birds and how they fly and so on. To teach them we have to start the journey of education from the query or the fascination lurking in these young minds. In other words education that gets internalized has to follow a non-linear path i.e. a teacher can’t go from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 to Chapter 3 and so on in a linear fashion. . “Non-Linear” pattern of imparting education is where knowledge is imparted by following the interest areas of a kid. We probe into the minds of the kids, engage them and then accordingly start from that chapter that answers their queries best. It’s only when we start from the point that has excited the imagination of a kid we stand any chance of teaching them in a manner that is meaningful.

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S – Stories

To teach anything in a way that kids willingly accept that lesson, the cardinal rule is to first get their attention, then hold it and then when they are enjoying slowly drop the lesson in their excited mind. Thus though our target is to get something across to the mind of a kid, the path has to go through the heart. Stories help us to reach us to the heart of a kid. This is because stories have this unique characteristic of being easy, interesting and a complete package. It’s because of these unique characteristics that stories hold sway on kids across countries, religions, cultures, timelines, etc. Whatever tool we use to teach our kids have to have the features that good stories have.

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T – Theories

People used to believe in the past that earth is the center of universe and all heavenly objects go around the earth. But that got changed because someone dared to question that belief. Had someone not done it we would have permanently lived as ignorant souls. A critical element of all scientific enquiry is that all our so called knowledge of nature is nothing but an approximation of nature. It is important that we teach our kids in a fashion that they continue questioning because the only way to learn is to approach nature with a humility and an open mind.

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