Eklavya, is a unique and revolutionary science course that focuses on a simple thing which every parent wants to do and i.e. satisfy the bubbling curiosity of their children. So, in Eklavya we focus on that by telling one single story that starts with mankind’s quest to make sense of this world (from the time they came on this planet) and in the process make Sciences a curiosity driven exploration and imagination for children rather than a formula and definition driven lifeless subject. As the course unfolds all the major theories of all the science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Geology are covered in detail, in an integrated manner.

  • Coverage: All the major theories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Geology taught at schools
  • Batch Size: One class will typically have around 5-8 kids only.
  • Session Duration & Frequency: Around 1.5 hours once/twice a week.
  • Total No. of Sessions: Around 75-80.
  • Age: Kids aged 10 years and above

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