What is Eklavya all about?

Curiosity and more curiosity: Every kid in the class has the right to ask as many questions as he or she wants to ask. Children’s curiosity is encouraged and enhanced by making it a priority.

Then what?

Curiosity is handled…not answered: As questions tumble out, we work on them with the children in a way that helps them own their questions, thereby developing an inherent interest in Sciences. This works wonders for their curiosity for Science becomes accessible rather than a complicated subject.

How is that done?

Interconnections between subjects/concepts is the tool: Questions require scientific concepts to get answered. However, if concepts are presented in an isolated manner then they make no sense to imagination of children. This is the key strength of Eklavya. All the concepts across the subjects, and within subjects, are presented in an interconnected fashion thereby creating deep imaginations. In Eklavya all the previous classes drive the future class. Towards the end of the course we draw a single chart that integrates all the classes/theories across all the subjects into a single visual framework. This not only helps kids make sense of this world in totality (and not in bits and pieces) but also triggers their curiosity in a way that they learn to use it to create solutions.

How does that help?

Independent Thinking & Empathy: Since all scientific concepts in this course take birth in an interconnected fashion in the context of children’s curiosity, it helps them grasp the scientific concepts from the first principles thereby developing an independent thinking mind. Also, as children through their own independent thinking participate in natural creation of answers, they naturally develop an empathetic mindset to various viewpoints. An empathetic independent thinker is what the future demands.

In short, the Eklavya course, uses Science as a tool to get children ready to face the fast paced technology led world that’s developing. While doing so it ensures that children learn the basic scientific theories in a way that they develop a natural inclination for Sciences.