World has always changed and companies and people who have continuously reinvented themselves are the only ones which survived in the long run. However, the sweeping change that we are seeing today is very different on two counts:

  • Mind boggling pace of change
  • Unpredictable origin of change

Such an environment mandates that companies and people who develop a strong independent thinking mind coupled with an empathetic worldview will only get a chance to claim a stake in this new future. For the first time in the history of mankind, probably, quantitative and qualitative reasoning will assume equal significance.

Keeping the needs of the future in mind, the ART Course/Workshop is designed so that employees can step out of their day-to-day work and then immerse themselves in a fun filled engaging session to derive for themselves the simple and powerful concepts w.r.t empathetic rational thinking.


1. Potential Participants: Anyone interested in taking a pause and reflecting on the quality of their thinking and problem solving in day-to-day professional life

2. Formats

  • Short Format: Few Hrs/1-2 days workshops
  • Long Format: 4/6 sessions spread over longer period to drive a cultural change