All of us have read the Panchtantra stories when we were children. Do you know why these stories were written?

There was once a king, Amarashakti, who had three sons who were unworthy of succeeding him. The King decided to invite a highly learned person, Pandit Vishnu Sharma, to come and teach his sons. When this teacher started teaching the princes he realized that conventional teaching methods will not work as he was not able to get the attention of his students. It is then he created various interesting stories, whereby he was not only able to command the interest of his three students, but also teach them all that he wanted. Thus, using these stories as educational tools Pandit Sharma was able to get the young princes ready to fulfill their duties and responsibilities of managing their kingdom.

If incompetent princes can be converted into able rulers with simple stories, then it definitely means that power of stories, in getting children ready to face life, is something which is largely ignored and mostly forgotten by our education system. We decided to explore Pandit Vishnu Sharma’s “story-led-education” technique and after a number of trials and errors (while engaging with children and adults) created this Art of Rational Thinking (ART) course.

The ART course uses time tested stories (Akbar-Birbal, Jataka, Panchtantra, Mahabharat, Tenali Raman etc.), as an educational tool to introduce the key ingredients of empathetic rational thinking in a fun filled engaging manner.

Course Details

  1. Age appropriate: Around 10 years and above if they are doing alone. If parents jointly do the course with their child then age is not a constraint.
  2. Mode of Delivery: Online course
  3. Course Structure: 9 sections comprising of a total of 23 lectures and 7 documents containing practice problems
  4. Course Fee: Rs 2,500 (paid one-time while buying the course)
  5. Course Link: ART Course

The first four lectures of the course are offered as free preview.


“Based on your suggestion, I have tried the storytelling methodology of practicing problem solving with my family. It worked out really well for us. Helped me motivate and demonstrate to my daughter that she has ideas and capability to pen a story/composition. However, she is still reluctant to do write-ups. Deeply appreciate your guidance.”

– ManishaMother of two young children